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Management Control

We need data and useful, truthful information on the evolution of our business, our sales figures and customer and product margins. We must set up objectives and monitor its fulfilment on a monthly basis.

In our Management Control service, we provide support to the Management in the definition of objectives and the analysis of results to improve the decision-making.

Reporting systems

Implementation of reporting systems for Management and Boards of Directors.

Balanced scorecard

Preparation of a balanced scorecard with information and KPIs (key perfomance indicators) (monthly or quarterly) to track the company’s progress.

Drawing up of the annual budget and forecasts.

Business analysis

Monthly tracking of sales and profitability, cost control (production, logistics, commercial), variances analysis to identify improvement areas, cash-flow control and working capital.

Management Control for Companies

  • Support to the Management in the analysis and the definition of the goals and actions to be implemented through meetings together with them and the heads of department.

  • Reporting to the parent company in multinational subsidiaries.

  • Company integration.

  • Implementation of control policies and procedures of client accounts control and coverage of such risks.

  • Internal control, internal audits and reorganisation of financial departments and administrative flow systems.