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Corporate financial consultants

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros is a member firm of Clarkson Hyde Global, a world wide association of accountants, auditors, tax specialists and business consultants.


Our services

Accounting and administrative management services

Here at Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros we consider accounting management to be the first step towards acquisition of decision-making information.


External financial management

Since every client is different, Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros develops tailor-made suits according to each client’s requirements.


Tax consultancy

The fiscal management and consultancy we provide contributes to the required rigor in the fulfilment of our clients’ tax obligations. Our proactive preventive consultancy enables us to anticipate legislative changes in the fiscal area.


Company valuation

We perform valuations at a highly technical level that require wide experience and comprehensive knowledge to obtain value estimates with total objectivity and the best judgement.


Business financing. Debt management

No financing, no project, and no project means no company.


Corporate finance. Mergers and acquisitions

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros provides independent, discreet and competent financial consultancy.


Management Control

We need data and useful, truthful information on the evolution of our business, our sales figures and customer and product margins.


Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros is made up of professionals from the economic-financial area with extensive experience in the business world.

People with a great vocation for service in constant training and updating. The values of responsibility for a job well done, confidentiality, respect and trust make relationships with our clients lasting.

World Wide Association

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros is a member firm of Clarkson Hyde Global, a world wide association of accountants, auditors, tax specialists and business consultants.

Clarkson Hyde Global provides first class, partner-led support from qualified experts who work together seamlessly to contribute to the smooth running of your business.


Our customers guarantee us

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros have assisted us in the acquisition process of a company from our sector in Spain. The choice of a consultant is not easy, but we were very pleased with Clarkson Hyde’s work since they provided solutions to various problems during our external growth process. Our relations with their various consultants were excellent so we decided to continue the collaboration for our current needs. I therefore highly recommend Luis Vilaclara's team.

Tushendan RasiahPresident. CLINISCIENCES GROUP. Nanterre. France - Reagents, consumables and instruments for diagnostic and biological research laboratories

I consider Luis Vilaclara and his team, Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros, an excellent firm to work with due to their commitment, client-oriented approach, response capacity and reliability.

Gerd FoersterCompany lawyer. PAQUETA CALZADOS EUROPE, S.L. Paquetá Group. Brazil. Footwear production.

We started working with Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros with high expectations since the references we had were very good. We have not been disappointed. We have achieved a close working relationship between the two companies, the results of which are now consolidated. They are a big help to us and enable us to concentrate on our business!

Marco OrdelmanGeneral Manager, Spain. ARQUICONSULT – Portugal. Multinational I.T. services company.

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros is responsible for the financial, accounting, tax and administration areas of the subsidiary of Vitaflo International Ltd. in Spain. During this time, I would highlight flexibility as one of their main qualities. They have been able to adapt to the evolution of our needs and growth over time and to the specific requirements of our parent company in England. They provide absolute confidence in our relations with our parent company.

Patrick PescettoDirector VITAFLO ESPAÑA S.L. – United Kingdom. Products for clinical nutrition

I own a holding company. Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros takes care of all my firm’s administration from invoicing through collection to settling taxes, including accountancy and client management. Their work is highly recommendable, not only because of its quality, but also due to the integrity of the people in their team. Thank you very much!

Günther HartmannDirector ALCRISELCO INMOBILIARIA S.L. – Barcelona. Spain. Holding company

Dirk Bikkembergs is a major multinational company. When we decided to enter the Spanish market, we got in touch with Clarkson Hyde through a professional contact. They made a proposal, and not only have they exceeded our expectations, but they have given us peace of mind since administration, accountancy, banking relationships and taxes are taken care of professionally. They report to the parent company periodically under the formats we specify. They do a great job. Thank you!

Paola D´AngeloSubsidiaries Financial Controller DIRK BIKKEMBERGS – Italy. Fashion and accessories

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros supported us from the incorporation of our subsidiary in Spain. Our contacts are mainly by e-mail and we are very satisfied with the rapidity and quality of their response. Available and reactive, they are a quality partner with whom we enjoy a fruitful collaboration. Thanks to the whole team.

Annick SeverynsFinancial and Control Manager KRAMP GROEP. Poitiers. France. Global supplier of replacement pieces, technical services and solutions for company in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Clarkson Hyde Asesores Financieros has adapted completely to the needs of our subsidiary in Spain. We receive a comprehensive service, and the team visits our offices whenever required. They filled in very successfully for the head of our administration department and comply with the reporting requirements to the parent company. Clarkson Hyde manages our financial, accounting and administration department to our entire satisfaction, in addition to tax matters, via remote connection systems, which means that our information is constantly updated.

Julie AllègreFinancial Manager France, Belgium, Spain, UK SCUBAPRO UWATEC – USA. Diving material

Setting up in a foreign country is always a delicate operation. It is important to have good knowledge of the country’s ‘customs and traditions’. To do so, you must choose a good consultant who will guide you through the set-up period and support you in your growth. For Groupe Alizon, working with the team at Clarkson Hyde is an authentic satisfaction. This collaboration enables us to manage the day-to-day business on the Spanish market and to plan the future with peace of mind.

Jérôme AndréManaging Director COMAT Y VALCO (Alizon Participations) – Valence. France. Sale of street furnishings

We have found the financial partner our company needed at Clarkson Hyde. They don’t just offer a management service, they become involved in the project and form part of our team.

Xavier BlasiGeneral Manager OVERTOP PROJECTS, S.L. – Barcelona. Spain. Call centre